WASMA Moscow Exhibition Translator

Wasma exhibition staff
Wasma exhibition staff

WASMA, the international exhibition of equipment and technologies for
recycling and wastewater treatment, will be held in Moscow Expocentre on March 22nd – 24th, 2022. WASMA trade show exhibitors include manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and technologies for collection, storage, transportation, sorting, recycling and disposal of waste; wastewater treatment, as well as specialized vehicles.

Among the exhibitors: BMT, CRS Group, IFE Aufbereitungstechnik Gmbh, Ecocom, Ecomashgroup, Ecorosstroy, Hydrig, iPlast, Kovofinis, Mega Drive, Megalion, Piroliz-Ecoprom, Techno-Union, Stalkont, Zerma, Nevlabs, Eсoengineering, R.C.P SA, Mediana-filter, Ryazan conveyor plant, Ecomtech, Lexor, OlMag, Kemet, Tomra and other companies.

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