Exhibition Hostess in Moscow Narine Alex.

Moscow exhibition hostess

Languages: English, Russian
26 years old
Parameters 88:62:95
Height: 173
Clothes size 42
Shoes 38

Work experience: more than 5 years of work in a promo: model, promo model, animator, hostess, consultant, barista. Recent projects: translator at the exhibition MIMS, translator at the exhibition World Food 2018, model at the Russia-Indonesia business conference, a model at the RosUpack exhibition, a hostess for Mail.ru, a model at the sky festival, hostess at an event from Russian Railways, model at x5 conference, model at TransRussia, model at Mosbuild, model at Real Estate Exhibition, model at the Security 2019 exhibition, hostess at the MZS… and other projects.

Participated in Moscow Exhibitions: WorldFood Moscow, Automechanika Moscow